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Let us transform your skin using the latest skin therapies and products that we tailor to your individual needs and goals. Cocoon facials are customized based on your skin type, conditions and concerns. Each facial can be adjusted based on what our skin experts find during your consultation. If you are looking for something special, just ask us. We will be sure to find the perfect treatment for your skin. Our goal is to help you love the skin you’re in.

Introducing Dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive physical exfoliation for the skin that clears away dry and dead layers of skin. Dermaplaning cleans and exfoliates the skin eliminating free radical damage and promoting collagen and cell turnover. The treatment is  antibacterial and deeply hydrating.

It dramatically and immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines  and unwanted facial hair. Dermaplaning also increases absorption and penetration of skincare products, resulting in more effective treatments that leave your skin more radiant and luminous.

Our Dermaplaning treatment is an excellent “on the go” express facial.

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Skin specific antioxidant serum
  • Moisture rich replenishing mask
  • Deep Hydration

Recommended for all skin types except acne prone.
$65 for 30 minutes

NEW! Dermaplaning Oxygen Blast + Deep Peel Treatment
Includes Dermaplanning, a peel and Oxygen Blast.
$155 for 45 minutes

Oxygen O2 Infusion + Dermaplaning
A deep replenishing anti-aging treatment combining our popular Oxygen Facial, with the benefits of cleaning and hydrating benefits of Dermaplaning. This power packed treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
$175 for 75 minutes
$485 course of 3
(regular price $525)

Dermaplaning Deep Peel Treatment
Dermaplaning, with an advanced pharmaceutical grade peel,  doubles your dose of exfoliation that removes dead surface layers of dry skin cells and penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate new cells. This treatment adds elasticity, targets discoloration, promotes collagen and cell turnover. We use a skin specific serum and a moisture rich replenishing mask followed by deep hydration. An excellent anti-aging, antibacterial treatment. Great for all skin types. 
$145 for 45 minutes

Facial Treatments

Microdermal Infusion
This advanced microdermabrasion system treats all skin types, combining diamond-tip exfoliation with a soothing topical treatment to decrease hyper-pigmentation, acne, photo damage, dehydration,and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
SilkPeel is also unique in that it does not use crystals,which can irritate your skin and respiratory system.
A series of six treatments is suggested for optimal results.
$130 for 40 minutes
$205 Microdermal Infusion w/ O2 Facial

Brightening Vitamin C Infusion Facial
Our newest Oxygen treatment, that will leave your skin glowing! You will noticeably see and feel the power of this SUPER antioxidant, anti-aging, vitamin c treatment that will replenish, heal and transform your skin. Acne and bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen and vitamin c helps to greatly reverse sun damage and even skin tone and texture. That is why this dual treatment is the best combination for addressing most skin care concerns, and restoring the health of your skin.
$165 for 70 minutes

Ultimate Hydration
This is our “911 Recovery” treatment. This facial combines our traditional Oxygen treatment with plant algae and a unique blend of anti-aging vitamins that deeply heal and replenish stressed skin. Algae promotes oxygen and reproduction in skin cells while replacing lipids (moisture loss) and calming irritation caused by common issues such as dehydration, inflammation, and environmental damage. Deeper massage, and a unique treatment mask leaves your skin feeling amazing!
$160 for 70 minutes

Flash Facial
Our faster, brighter, abbreviated facial. This is the perfect lunchtime or afterwork fix for when your skin needs a glow on the go. A power cleanse with an exfoliating scrub, light extractions and a hydrating or toning mask will have you looking fresh in a flash.
$75 for 45 minutes

O2 Infusion Facial
We want dewy, fresh skin and we want it now! Oxygen helps prepare the skin to receive all the antioxidants and hydration we have in store for you. Not only that, but it helps to reduce bacteria and eliminates the post-facial breakout worry. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, delicious massage, targeted mask and 1 shots of oxygen through out the treatment to leave you with a dewy finish that can’t be undone.
$125 for 60 minutes (1 shots of O2)
$145 for 70 minutes (2 shots of

Cocoon Signature Facial
The most luxurious of all facials. Our ritual facial incorporates all the benefits of the O2 Infusion Facial with the added luxury of our Shirobhyanga head treatment and a back, neck & shoulder massage to completely restore you.
$225 for 120 minutes.


L.E.D Treatments

L.E.D. Skin Specific Facial
It’s been proven that rest increases the youthful appearance of your skin. Not quite at 8 hours of sleep? Catch up on a nap, while we tap into the most beautiful skin you’ve got. Cocoon’s full strength facial has everything your skin and spirit needs. The ultimate deep pore cleaning, powerful exfoliation, thorough extractions, 3 shots of oxygen, targeted mask, full face L.E.D. treatment and the perfect finishing products.

(Light Emitting Diodes) therapy is known for it’s ability to speed up your skin’s healing process. (Thanks to NASA for the technology!) Skin cells receive a rejuvenating, anti-aging boost increasing blood flow, helping bring nutrients to the treated areas, as well as stimulating fibroblast and collagen production to strengthen your skin and battle the aging process. It is also perfect for acneic skin to eliminate bacteria and speed up the healing process of current breakouts.
$175 for 80 minutes

Cocoon Facial Supplements:

Alpha Beta Peel $65

Salyclic Acid Peel $45

Gylcolic Acid Peel $45

Eye Treatment $35

Oxygen Blast $35

L.E.D. treatment $45


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